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Mosor East
The two main mountains near Split - Mosor and Kozjak are the most popular for the locals, hikers, alpinists and mountain climbers from all over the country.
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Once the first Split cemetery, today oasis for peaceful rest and walk. On just 10 minutes walk from the Split centre, you can find here your 'zen' moments!
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diocletian's palace faq
Diocletian’s palace is a must-see site to visit in Split. Before you do that, check it out all important facts about the palace.
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tip in croatia
Do you tip in Croatia - find out now! Amongst Croatian locals there is not a big tipping etiquette, but doesn’t mean they are not appreciated.
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the most popular drinks in dalmatia
If you ask Dalmatians, water is for washing and wine is for drinking! Well, not only wine, of course. To be fully simplified - the most popular drinks in Dalmatia are water and - alcohol drinks!
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the 5 most popular beaches in split
As Split is endlessly evolving as a city and increasingly popular international destination for travellers, here are our best beach tips when you have that seaside itch.  Before we start, it is not bad to mention you can choose between sand beach or rock beach, beach of pebbles or even some hidden spot in the...
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wine glass
Believe or not in Dalmatia we produce wines since ancient times! In other words, or numbers - grapes and wine were produced in this area as early as 3800 years ago by our ‘wine ancestors” - Illyrians.
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dalmatian peka on the table octopus potatoes
There is no sense to talk about the specifics of our gourmet without mentioning dalmatian peka! Let’s start with some general things about this dish - it’s a meal prepared under a baking bell (lid). Veal or lamb, or octopus, in the nest of potatoes, is the best choice for this beauty. Beauty of dalmatian...
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golden gate
So you’ve come to Split and decided to take a walking tour in Split Old Town. After a short Internet search you’ll find out that the two most popular things to do in Split and best rated tours are Split Walking Tour and Diocletian's Palace Tour.
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Diving Red Corals Deep blue sea
When talking about Croatia, topic might be Game of Thrones or record number of Olympic medals coming from such a young and small country. When talking about Split, the second largest city of the country same topics apply. But for most people when they hear Split, they hear opportunities ! 
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