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Dalmatian Peka – when meat and potatoes fell in love!

Traditional. Old. Delicious. Juicy. One and only - peka!

There is no sense to talk about the specifics of our gourmet without mentioning dalmatian peka! Let’s start with some general things about this dish – it’s a meal prepared under a baking bell (lid). Veal or lamb, or octopus, in the nest of potatoes, is the best choice for this beauty. Beauty of dalmatian peka that comes directly from the fire. 

Interestingly, there are only two main ingredients in peka - meat (animal or fish) and potatoes. But, preparation and additional spices and vegetables, give that special tasty touch that everybody talks about!

Why is dalmatian peka so special, or why you should run to try it?

The roasted dish under the bell is so rich with juices and combined flavours that just right after the first bite you cannot stop. The main culprit for this is of course – the bell of dalmatian peka. After a couple of hours, you will be served by half cooked and half baked mail, with plenty juice of vegetables, meat, and spices. A true holiday for all your senses. Now you understand why we put this title of blog?

The meat in dalmatian peka is slightly marbled with intramuscular fat, tender and very succulent, with a smooth texture and distinctive flavour. Of vegetables – onion, garlic, carrot, tomatoes, and even zucchini.

Fresh vegetables is a very important part of dalmatian traditional cuisine. Still today, there are many grandparents in the countryside that ensure vegetables for their children in towns such as Split. Only 10  or 20 kilometres from Split we have plenty of fertile grounds from where we supply fresh and domestic vegetables! Salt and pepper, domestic olive oil, a bit of wine during cooking/baking, and lots of little secrets any chef has for his dalmatian peka – and you have all for this meal!

You should try dalmatian peka because it is not only a meal. It is a real event for a group of friends, family at home or at the restaurant. Because it is special, order it in special occasions.

dalmatian peka octopus

There are only a few restaurants in Split where you can order and enjoy peka. Diocletian wine house is one of them, located in Diocletian palace where ancient Romans have been eating it as well,  2000 years ago!

Meat or fish, potatoes, vegetables and lot more love!

And finally - recipe of dalmatian peka !

Meat or fish is put in a large, shallow round baking pan. Additional advice for the preparation of the octopus: if you have a fresh octopus, it is best to freeze for a day, because then the octopus will be softer after the preparation. A little bit of oil is added ( you can mix olive oil and sunflower oil), along with spices. Then everything is covered with large domed clay or metal, iron bell, which you can’t buy in supermarkets, only in specialized shops or even directly in the house of rustic farmers. Then you light a fire on the board of the stone barbecue. Types of wood are very important for dalmatian peka, too! 

When there is enough hot coal, you put the entire bell (with food inside) on it and cover the lid with some more hot coals, so that it is baked from under and above. This way, the meat slowly cooks in its juices. Some people put vegetables and meat together from the begging, and some after 45 minutes -so they don’t get overcooked. The choice is yours. You don’t need any side dish but try to ensure a domestic bread ( can be done under the bell as well) because you will be unhappy if all that juice stays untouched!

And of course, a glass of wine! Or better to say – a bottle! Because dalmatian peka is not only food, it is an occasion to celebrate life! Don’t hesitate anymore – meet Split by Split Walking Tour and combine it with Peka Menu! Found out more interesting stories about peka and find Nepotova Street no4, Split!

restaurant dalmatian peka night

While waiting, try domestic sweet aperitif as dalmatian prosecco, or liqueur made of Mediterranean herbs. Or even better, ask sommelier of Dalmatian wine house to present you a wonderful and inspiring  Wine and Food tasting, so you can get your diploma of dalmatian wine and peka lover♥

!! Check a great tour combination !!

• 10.30 h / Split Walking Tour (2 hours)
• 12.30 h / Wine and Food Tasting @ Diocletian’s Wine House (1 hour)
• 13.30 h / Dalmatian Peka Menu (Octopus or Veal)

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