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Do you tip in Croatia?

Croatian currency is kuna, and after paying the bill and you are satisfied by service, you will leave some extra money for it. In many restaurants and bars, taxy and touristic tours, as well, you won’t be able to pay in euros. The same is when you are tipping. But, yes! You do tip in Croatia! To find out amounts and ‘styles’ of tip, read this blog. 

Keep in mind that employees in touristic objects and agencies don’t earn too much. The amount varies by restaurant and economic state of the country. Amongst Croatian locals there is not a big tipping etiquette and gratuities are not widely expected. But, of course, it doesn’t mean they are not appreciated. 


Do you tip in Croatia
Diocletian's Wine House
Only 50% of people really expect a tip!

Who and how much you will tip in Croatia?

If you just had experienced  friendly and outstanding service, then, of course, you should leave a tip.

Truly,  people don’t really expect a tip, if you have just had your coffee or a snack. But in restaurants or taxi, even boat cruises and touristic tours in the city or the island – the tip is expected.

A customary tip for touristic guide falls between 15 to 20 kunas per person, though you can always leave extra, to show appreciation to your guide. 20% tip is considered to be a “good tip”, and the average tipping etiquette for Croatia is from 10 to 15% of the bill amount. For example, it is expected you leave a 10% gratuity, even if there is a fee included on your bill.

If you found the service particularly wonderful it’s good tipping etiquette to tip 15%. In a cheap local bar none of the locals will tip, so don’t feel like you need to either. In the end – if the service don’t deserve it, simpy – they don’t deserve it!

You should always tip your tour guide!

There isn’t really a standard amount, it all depends on your guide’s effort and knowledge.

Is it rude not to tip? 

Well, not only is it rude not to tip in Croatia, it’s rude not to tip at LEAST 10% unless you have had unacceptable service. 

But tipping is never obligatory. If you have incredibly bad service in a restaurant, you don’t have to tip at all, and in that kind of situation, you can even ask a manager of the restaurant to come to your table. 

When in Hotel, Tips are not required, but if you are staying in a classy enough establishment to have a porter or daily maid service, then you may want to give them a small token of your appreciation.

Around 20 kunas for taking a few bags up to your room is sufficient to ensure happy staff.


Tip in Croatia in cash, handing the tip directly to the server,

or tell the server how much the bill should be (including tip)

before he or she makes a change.

If you have an exceptional experience (like you might have with guides on Split Diving Tour )

then definitely give more.

tip croatia dalmatia

Here is the situation. For instance, if the bill is 72 kunas and you give the server 80, tell the server to keep the change. If you just go out for a cup of coffee, you can leave a kuna or two to round up your bill. However, it is usual to not tip on one coffee. On two, well yes.

Tip more if you are drinking alcohol, especially cocktails since there is more labor involved. Try always to be aware of service’s work. Let that be your guide for tip amount in Croatia.

Skippers and boat crew 

It is customary  to tip your crew, as gratuities represent about 30% to 50% of their income. The amount should be between 5% to 15% of the cost of your cruise.


Usually, you do tip taxi drivers, to round up to the nearest kuna on a fare.

♦ Massages

Tips for massages offered through a hotel or spa are expected regardless. You can tip your masseur directly or you can give the tip to reception.


If you visit Hair salon while your stay in Croatia, you should give them a tip – around 10%. Locals will simply round up. 


In determining the amount, several factors should be taken into account at the restaurant – the number of guests at the table, their complexity, the amount of time the waiter devotes to the table, and the courtesy of the staff in principle.

Tip in Croatia on a credit card is highly unusual. In most restaurants, you won’t find any routine way to add a tip on the bill and many people will not know what to do if you ask them to do it. If you do manage to add a tip to the credit card charge, the money probably won’t come back to the waiting staff anyway.

And last but not least – do not overtip. Simply, it can be odd!

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