Taste Dalmatian Peka Menu

Price: 40€ (300 kuna)

Meeting point: Diocletian’s Wine House

Starts:every day 12m to 10pm
*reservation 2h before

Taste Dalmatian Peka Menu

taste Dalmatian pekaPeka is probably one of the most famous local dishes in Dalmatia, especially in the countryside. The preparation of Peka takes place in special areas usually situated on the ground floor of the house or a barn. Meat and vegetables are prepared in a pot or a tray and put into the cinder of a fireplace and you can prepare it with any kind of meat you want, from veal, chicken, lamb to fish and octopus. Another common name for Peka is ‘meat under the bell’ or ‘lid’ but no matter what you choose to call it, everyone must try this delicious culinary gem! It takes some time to prepare it, but it is worth the wait as the ingredients melted together create a small paradise for the palate! So taste Peka and prepare yourself for a delicious ride to gastronomical bliss!

PEKA OPTIONS: Veal or Octopus

SCHEDULE: Every Day (April 1st – October 22nd)

MEETING POINT: Diocletian Wine house (Nepotova 4, 21 000 Split)


  • 300 kn / 40 EUR per person
  • *Children (ages 7 – 15) 90 kn / 12 EUR
  • *Children (ages 0 – 7) 0 kn / 0 EUR

• Cold Appetizer/Dalmatian Plate
• Main Course/Traditional Peka with potatoes and vegetables
• Dessert By Choice

NOT INCLUDED: Beverages, table setting

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