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Why Split wasn't made King's Landing in Croatia Game of Thrones production 2011.-2018.?

It could have been, Split was the capital of historical Dalmatia province and still is the second biggest city of modern CroatiaGame of thrones Split is Mereen of Slaver’s/Dragon’s bay, but also Braavos and Dorne. With the ancient Diocletian’s Palace in its historical core, Split has a larger old town area than Dubrovnik, has more parking space and less tourists, especially cruise ships. However, Dubrovnik got priority, because it’s Dubrovnik, city with most impressive and preserved city walls in the Adriatic, walls that grow straight out of the sea. You will like Dubrovnik, but you will fall in love with Split, not just GOT legacy, but also food and lifestyle, its history that is even more compelling than G.R.R. Martin’s books.

Game of thrones Split locations take you to 3 famous places

Meereen, Braavos and Dorne. In  2013 HBO production recognised the potential of locations in Split area: ancient Diocletian’s Palace, Klis fortress, Kaštel Gomilica castle, Duilovo beach, Croatian president’s vacation house Villa Dalmatia and many more, but you need a local expert to identify and understand all those places. Don’t you worry! We have the best guide for Game of thrones Tour in Split! It takes a super fan to pinpoint all the locations and Split Walking Tour guides are proud of their knowledge of the show and entire GOT universe.

Game of Thrones Tour Split

Filming of the series was a great time to be a fan of GOT in Split

Filming of the series was a great time to be a fan of GOT in Split, meeting crew and cast in the streets, restaurants and shops, seeing the streets being transformed into set constructions and costumed extras walking around. We saved those memories to share it with you, to make you a part of that experience in GOT tour Split.


Glorius moments from Game of thrones season 4 and 5

Let us remind you of the glorious moments from seasons 4 and 5. Learn more on anecdotes how to build a film set in a vibrant tourist destination, what dragons look like without CGI, how local farmers made their goats and donkeys into celebrities and what does it really take to be an Unsullied. Walk with us in the footsteps of Daenerys, Tyrion, Varys, Arya, Sir Barriston, Gray Worm and Daario Naharis. There is also an entire real city history you learn about on Game of thrones tour in Split, even more compelling than the Song of Ice and Fire. Meet the places of real life soldiers, slaves and masters of historical Split compared to its alter ego Mereen. Our licenced and passionate guides will show you the secret passages used by the faceless assassins of Bravos like real life mercenaries of the Venitian Republic. In the end, treat yourself with a glass of Dalmatian wine, feeling like the princes of Dorne.

You can continue your Split Game of Thrones experience by visiting Europe’s first Game of Thrones museum, or look for some creative souvenirs (like pure Valyrian foam swords). Become one of those privileged fans who understand why Split isn’t Kings Landing – because it takes 3 cities to explain it: Meereeen, Bravos and Sunspear (Dorne).

“You can continue your Split Game of Thrones experience by visiting Europe’s first Game of Thrones museum”

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