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Sustipan – an oasis in the heart of Split

Once the first Split cemetery, today oasis for peaceful rest and walk. On just 10 minutes walk from the Split centre, you can find here your 'zen' moments!
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Diocletian Palace – FAQ

Diocletian’s palace is a must-see site to visit in Split. Before you do that, check it out all important facts about the palace.
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Do you tip in Croatia?

Do you tip in Croatia - find out now! Amongst Croatian locals there is not a big tipping etiquette, but doesn’t mean they are not appreciated.
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The most popular drinks in Dalmatia

f you ask Dalmatians, water is for washing and wine is for drinking! Well, not only wine, of course. To be fully simplified - the most popular drinks in Dalmatia...
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The 5 most popular beaches in Split

As Split is endlessly evolving as a city and increasingly popular international destination for travellers, here are our best beach tips when you have that seaside itch.  Before we start,...
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