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The best Outdoor Activities in Split

Discover outdoor activities of Dalmatia like hiking, kayaking, surfing, rafting, scuba diving, horse riding... including best destinations, top tips and outdoor gear

When talking about Croatia, topic might be Game of Thrones or record number of Olympic medals coming from such a young and small country. When talking about Split as a second largest city of the country, same topics apply. But mostly, when people hear Split, they hear opportunities ! For outdoors adventure activities! Mountain or the island, river or just a beach, no matter where – we’re sure you will find the right outdoor activities for you and your family/friends! 

Split being central city of Dalmatia not only offers opportunity to see UNESCO heritage and historic sites but is very convenient site for Split outdoor activities!

Split is perfectly positioned to easily reach other touristic destinations such as amazing coastline cities on the Adriatic or extraordinary beautiful Croatian islands, and offers a marvelous opportunities for some adrenaline chasing options. Pick one of our outdoor activities to make moments to remember!

On the northern side of clear coast of Adriatic Sea, lies peninsula on which upon is located Split city. Surrounded by mountains Kozjak on northwest and Mosor on northeast, it offers great hiking options and free climbing activities, but at the same time has amazing mountain viewpoints from which people enjoy sunset in Croatia  in unforgettable ways. Favourite activity for tourist who indulge in such activities could be done in adrenaline way such us Zipline Split.

Below the mountains find refreshing rivers of your choosing. While most people bath in pleasant and clear Adriatic sea, the ones who know good spots are refreshing themselves in Croatian rivers with lower temperatures which affect cardiovascular system in beneficial ways. Cetina river has good shady spots, Žrnovnica river has secret tiny cascading waterfalls and Jadro river is good picnic arena and close proximity to Split. Locals often call this cleansing oneself in the fountain of universe, and old stories claim that every time one enters the river he/she comes out as a different fresh person. 

River offers organized activities such as white water rafting Split (paddling activity) or canyoning Split. Dynamic, group activities and great to raise your heart beat in a safe way.

These activities take place in nearby vicinity of Split and are more adrenaline and physical exercise oriented.

Diving Split Croatia is one of the outdoor activities which one could partake in, no matter if he/she is a professional or has never done diving before.

Dalmatian best seller of outdoor activities!

Of all ours outdoors activities this one every year attracts more and more guests! Place of action is Split itself and beginners are more than welcome. Your  diving outdoor activity starts with a short ride by speed boat to teh spot where you will be introduced to equipement and start diving

During our outdoor activities in Split and around Split, photo and video eqipement will be provided!

Paddle boarding Split options are growing by the day and options are numerous, one of them being very popular lately: stand up paddling.

Sea, Sun, Friends and Fun

benefit is the fact that Split Sea Kayaking is Split based and does not require any experience or advanced physical condition, it is an activity for everyone. It takes place around Marjan peninsula shape which is absolutely different way of discovering secret natural side of Split.

As you can see, outdoor activities in Split Croatia offer quite a lot of choices, therefore idea of Split as roman heritage city , UNESCO site and Diocletian palace resort is nice way to think about this Mediterranean destination but it is definitely not the only one.

Split Sea Kayaking

Kayaking Split Croatia is one of the outdoor activities being performed on a daily basis around the Marjan peninsula.

Lungs of the Split, Marjan hill is the biggest natural attraction that citizens have. Protected wood forest that it is, it gives some opportunities for fresh air walking without a bunch of cars leaving traces of exhaustion gasses. Swimming on the beaches of secluded nature,  more shade and birds chirping sounds, hiking roads and freshest sources of free clear drinkable water, people exercising and good energy await for the visitors. Under mediterranean sun, this hill was shelter for animals, and people inside have found their oasis of peace.

Walking around hill one can spot kayak instructors and small groups of people with life jackets paddling into the sunset. Split sunset kayak is one of the things high on guest booking lists but morning kayak tours could be even better choice since highly positioned sun makes sea crystal clear and green which makes it amazing for Split snorkelling, but also sea is calmer.

Kayaking is just one of the activities on guests to do list in Split and is gaining popularity every year.

On the huge cliffs above beaches nearby medieval churches, groups of rock climbers are sharpening their skills every single day. Some are afraid of heights which is why paddlers often time take part in rock climbing and cliff jumping which are more convenient for their taste; mostly 4 till 10 meters. O yes . this is the greatest part of this outdoor activity. When cliff jumping around Marjan park during kayak sessions, there is no need to swim back but just relax and sea will do the work of bringing you back faster than you expect. Reason for this is high density of Adriatic Sea.

Salinity is also one of the key factors here so snorkeling should be done with equipment and first time comers should be avoiding free diving without masks and goggles. Once paddlers find good position for docking kayaks, snorkeling will give them opportunities to see different types of fishes, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, starfishes and other sea life if they open their eyes and keep focus. Meditation under water is what it is.

One thing is sure, adventure options of outdoor activities in Split are countless and according to guests taste one can choose and tailor their own schedule to experience unforgettable times in Croatia.

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